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Tally Price in Saudi Arabia 2024: Tally Prime Price Guide

Updated: 11 hours ago

Tally Price in Saudi Arabia

Embarking on the digital transformation journey for your business in Saudi Arabia often begins with selecting the right tools, and tally prime price in Saudi Arabia stands out as a formidable choice for accounting and financial management. In this article, we delve into the pricing details of tally partners in Saudi Arabia, shedding light on the costs associated with different editions and additional considerations.


Tally Prime Pricing and Editions in Saudi Arabia:

1. Tally Prime Silver Edition: SAR 2500

The Silver Edition of Tally Prime Price in Saudi Arabia is designed for small businesses and individuals and offers robust accounting features. Priced at SAR 2500, this edition provides a perpetual license for a single user.


2. Tally Prime Gold Edition: SAR 7500

Geared towards growing businesses, the Gold Edition expands on the capabilities of the Silver Edition. Priced at SAR 7500, the Gold Edition offers a perpetual license for multiple users, making it suitable for businesses with a larger workforce.


3. Server Licensing

The server license cost in Tally Prime varies based on the number of users and the business's specific requirements. The server license facilitates seamless collaboration and data management across multiple users within an organization. Businesses are encouraged to consult with authorized Tally partners for detailed server pricing.


Additional Considerations Tally Prime Prices:

1. Support and Updates:

   - The Silver and Gold Editions include a particular duration of support and updates. It's essential to consider the level of support needed beyond the initial period and factor this into the overall cost.


2. Customization and Add-On Modules:

   - Businesses looking to tailor for Tally Prime partners in Saudi Arabia to their needs can explore customization options and additional modules. The inclusion of these features may impact the overall pricing.


3. Implementation and Training:

   - While the Tally Prime license software cost is a one-time investment, businesses should also account for implementation and training expenses to ensure a smooth transition and optimal software utilization.



Tally license cost model allows businesses in Saudi Arabia to tally prime prices and choose the edition that aligns with their size and requirements. Whether opting for the Silver Edition for small businesses or the Gold Edition for larger enterprises, Tally Prime offers a scalable solution for efficient financial management.


For precise server licensing costs and a tailored consultation based on your business needs, engaging with authorized Tally partners is recommended. Making an informed decision ensures that your investment in Tally Prime contributes to your business's success and growth in the dynamic Saudi business landscape.

For more information, contact Smartech ABASM Information Technology:

Email: WhatsApp: +966133636770

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