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ZATCA E-Invoicing Phase 2 Integration: Timeline and Criteria

Updated: Jul 8

ZATCA Phase 2 integration


The impending Phase 2 integration of the ZATCA E-Invoicing system in Saudi Arabia signals a critical milestone in the country's digital transformation journey. To assist businesses in preparing for this transition, it's essential to understand the timeline and criteria associated with Phase 2 integration. In this blog, we provide an overview of the timetable for Phase 2 implementation and the critical criteria businesses need to meet to ensure compliance.


Timeline for Phase 2 Integration:

ZATCA officially announces the commencement of Phase 2 integration, providing businesses ample time to prepare for the transition.

ZATCA Phase 2 new wave integration


Critical Criteria for Compliance:

  1. Business Size: Phase 2 integration extends the requirement to medium—and small-sized businesses and large enterprises covered in Phase 1.

  2. Invoice Volume: Businesses must assess their average monthly invoice volume to determine whether they fall within the scope of Phase 2 integration.

  3. Technical Readiness: Ensure that your invoicing systems and software are compatible with the ZATCA E-Invoicing platform and capable of generating and transmitting electronic invoices.

  4. Staff Training: Provide comprehensive training to finance and accounting teams to familiarize them with the new system and ensure compliance with invoicing processes and regulations.

  5. Data Accuracy: Ensure that electronic invoices generated and submitted through the E-Invoicing system adhere to the required format and contain accurate information to avoid rejection or discrepancies.


Preparing for Phase 2 Integration:

  1. Assessment: Evaluate your business's size, invoice volume, and technical readiness to determine your compliance status and identify any gaps that need to be addressed.

  2. System Update: Invest in software solutions or service providers offering ZATCA E-Invoicing integration capabilities and ensure your systems are updated to meet Phase 2 requirements.

  3. Training: Provide training sessions for staff members to ensure they understand the new invoicing processes and can effectively utilize the E-Invoicing system.

  4. Compliance Review: Conduct a thorough review of your invoicing processes and data accuracy to ensure compliance with ZATCA regulations and avoid penalties.



As the deadline for Phase 2 integration of the ZATCA E-Invoicing system approaches, businesses must proactively prepare to meet the compliance requirements and avoid disruptions to their operations. By adhering to the timeline and criteria outlined in this blog, companies can navigate the transition seamlessly and reap the benefits of streamlined invoicing processes in the digital era. Partnering with experienced consultants or service providers like Smartech ABASM Information Technology can further facilitate integration and ensure compliance with ZATCA regulations.

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